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If you would like to contact Dr. Jin for inquiries for lessons, masterclasses, and conferences


Please email him at

Dr. Jin is here to help you with any questions you might have regarding piano learning. 

He has been helping students who are serious in improving their playing skills by building basic foundations with healthy technical principles for over 15 years.


He has a diverse level of students ranging from youngsters to adults, hobbyists to graduate piano majors, and piano teachers who run piano academies. Currently his online teaching reaches multiple states in the US.  

​As a teacher, Dr. Jin specifically offers:

  • building solid technical foundations with healthy technical principles which is practical and easily applicable to playing (promoting finger agility with precision, ergonomic body movement, etc)

  • developing an understanding of different styles and sounds for various musical contexts

  • creating specific ways to practice that fits each student' needs in order to manage technically challenging passages. Eventually students will learn how to practice correctly in order to see the improvements after each session of practice

  • telling stories through music, etc 

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